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Intercare was founded three years ago by a passionate group of developers and healthcare professionals who wanted to empower patients in their journey towards better health. We believe that access to high quality healthcare is a basic human right regardless of location, time frame or budget. Historically, no good tools have existed to plan international treatment, and all too often patients are left to fend for themselves with too little treatment information, long waiting times, and no individualized care support. Intercare is here to change that.

Our mission is to guide you throughout your healthcare journey, to provide emotional support and to open doors to the best available healthcare at the lowest possible cost. We pledge to always put patients first, never to compromise on quality and always be free for patients to use.
Intercare can help you when
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You need to find a clinic, doctor or treatment

Whether you are looking to get an appointment quickly or finding a high quality treatment that doesn’t break the bank, we are here to help. While we support you in your decision and booking, please keep in mind that Intercare does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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You are unsure of a treatment or destination

We will answer any question you might have and connect you with a clinic if relevant. Your diagnosis, treatment plan and actual procedure will be signed off and performed by the clinic - just like with any other hospital you have been to until now.

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You want someone by your side supporting you throughout your journey

We will not be physically with you, but we will offer our full and complete support throughout your journey. Our care team can be reached 24/7 via phone, chat or email for any questions, concerns or anything else you might need.

Created in Denmark with care
Freedom,Trust, Transparency and Equality. Intercare is proud to be a Danish healthcare company built on Danish values.

Interested in learning more? Take a look at our FAQ or blog. If you are a patient and have questions about your treatment options, call, chat or email us at [email protected]. If you are a member of the press and interested in covering Intercare, please contact our founder at [email protected]
Our promise
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The safety and well being of patients will ALWAYS be our first priority. That is why we only collaborate with trusted healthcare providers who are internationally accredited.

Our services are always free for patients seeking treatment, because access to healthcare is too important to sell.

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We will never sell your personal data.

We make money by charging the clinics a small fee for each patient they receive through our site. The clinics have agreed that the prices posted here are the same as the prices charged to patients coming in through other channels.

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We believe that when making healthcare decisions, the more information you have the better. Clinics are listed with all essential information.

Through the platform you can contact our care support team and the clinics directly.


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We would love to help you find the perfect treatment. We know it can feel overwhelming and that talking to a person can give you the guidance and reassurance needed. You don’t have to do it alone. Let us help you through your health journey.

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