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How Intercare works
International healthcare is a jungle to navigate. The treatment options can seem endless, medical terms can be difficult to understand and many feel uncomfortable planning medical travel alone. Luckily, Intercare has created a solution to help you on your medical journey.

Funded by the Danish Innovation Fund, Intercare has developed a platform that empowers people to access world class healthcare abroad. We have your back before, during and after treatment so that you feel safe throughout the entirety of your medical journey. Here is how it works:
1 Explore
We have spent months researching and visiting the leading clinics around the world to make the very best healthcare available to you. On our platform you can find essential information about the different clinics: their treatments, team, before and after pictures, warranty and much more. It is easy to find optimal treatment when you know you are choosing between the best options on the market.
reach out
2 Reach out to us
Do you have questions about a treatment? Are you unsure about which clinic to pick or how to deal with insurance? No problem. We are here to help, to answer your questions and to ease your worries. Our mission is not only to make the path to treatment easy, but also to make it safer.
3 Plan and approve
If you are interested in a treatment, we will involve the clinic and schedule a consultation. After the consultation, the clinic presents a treatment plan and price quote. If you confirm that you want the treatment, we will help you get ready for your journey.
plan and approve
getting ready
4 Getting ready
It is completely natural to feel both excited and nervous when you are getting ready to leave. Hopefully it eases your worries that we are here for you both before, during and after your treatment. If you have any questions about the treatment, the trip or anything else, you can contact us 24/7. We cannot physically be with you, but we are always ready to help through phone, chat or email.
5 The treatment
The day has finally come, you are at the clinic! We will think of you while you are away and follow up on how your treatment journey is going. Hopefully it all goes smoothly, but should a problem arise, we are just a phone call away. We look forward to talking to you when you return home so that we can hear more about your treatment and journey.
treatment at clinic
after the treatment
6 After the treatment
Your journey with Intercare does not end when you arrive at home. Your recovery is just as important as your treatment, which is why we check in on you from time to time, to support your recovery.
Carecover is a unique protection for when you travel abroad for treatment. Always included, always free, only on Intercare
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