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We will contact you shortly to discuss your needs in more detail. If you are a potential candidate for a treatment, we will offer you a free and non-binding online consultation with one of our clinics. In the meantime, you can read more about Intercare on this page.

Currently we offer help to people interested in the categories: Dental surgery and Hair transplants. However, in 2023 we will start helping people that are looking for: Fertility treatment (IVF), Obesity treatment, Plastic surgery, and Orthopedic surgery. If you are interested in other types of treatment, please feel free to contact us.
Intercare is backed by reputable Danish innovation funds
With Intercare you get
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Access to some of the best clinics in Europe

We spend months finding the best international treatment options. We visit the clinics ourselves to ensure their quality and make sure that they meet the highest international accreditation standards.

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Dedicated personal assistance

We cannot physically be with you, but we are always ready to help through phone, chat or email. If you ever feel unsafe, you will get priority access to our priority security line.

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Extra protection with carecover

Carecover is a comprehensive protection included for free with every booking through Intercare. It includes price matching, case review, supervision of clinics as well as access to our safety line.

Carecover is a unique protection for when you travel abroad for treatment. Always included, always free, only on Intercare
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Safety line
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Case review
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We would love to help you find the perfect treatment. We know it can feel overwhelming and that talking to a person can give you the guidance and reassurance needed. You don’t have to do it alone. Let us help you through your health journey.

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